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North Carolina HVAC Services

Learn more about each of our HVAC Services below! Schedule an appointment online or call us today to set up a date with one of our technicians!

Temp Control Services offers comprehensive air conditioning solutions, including installation and servicing, to keep indoor environments cool and comfortable.

Temp Control Services specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating systems, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort in residential and commercial spaces.

Specializing in ductless HVAC systems, Temp Control Services delivers efficient and customizable heating and cooling solutions without the need for traditional ductwork.

Temp Control Services offers expertise in thermostat installation and calibration, empowering clients to effectively control and regulate their heating and cooling systems for energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environments.

Temp Control Services designs, installs, and maintains HVAC ductwork systems, ensuring efficient airflow and optimal distribution of heated or cooled air throughout buildings.

Temp Control Services responds promptly to emergency HVAC situations, offering immediate and reliable solutions to restore comfort in critical heating and cooling scenarios.

Temp Control Services provides tailored commercial HVAC services, addressing the unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs of large-scale businesses and industrial facilities.

Our Service Areas

We serve North Carolina’s Triangle area as we are located in Creedmoor, NC. Call us today to schedule a service! You can also see all of our service locations below to learn if you’re within our reach!